The entire of Athens is basically just one big archeological site as the monuments have taken over the city.  There are a lot of monuments in Athens but I think that a couple of them stand out.


  1. Acropolis – It is one the most iconic structure of not only Greece but the entire world. It is placed on a rocky mountain and the views are brilliant for a couple of selfies with friends. It is an unmissable destination for anyone who travels to Greece.


2. Parthenon- Also known as the glorious temple of acropolis , it was built during the “golden age of pericles”. The temple was originally made to hold a statue of the greek goddess athena. Besides, how cool is it that no tourist has step foot in it since 1977?


3) Meteora – It looks like a scenic village which has been hoisted up into the sky. It is one of the largest Greek orthodox monasteries. The monastery’s location make tourists fell closer to god in a way.



4) Delphi – The powerful oracle of Delphi has been placed in the middle of a gorgeous temple which was constructed approximately 2,800 years ago! Delphi was considered to be the centre of the world, “Omphalos”.


5) Temple of Hephaestus – The construction of this temple was supported by the famous greek politician Pericles. It was built roughly 2 years before the parthenon. The temple was dedicated to Hephaestus who was the Greek god of volcanoes and metalworking and also the only Greek god who did manual labour.


6) Ancient theatre of Epidaurus – The theatre was praised for its elegance and symmetry and is used for drama performances. The theatre can seat about 14,000 people.The acoustic of the theatre are so good that even people sitting in the last row can hear the performers.

There are many other amazing archaeological sites but these were my favourite out of the ones that I visited.