Everyone keeps saying that travelling is so fun and how much they love travelling, but what no one says is , WHY DO WE TRAVEL?


  • Travelling opens up new experience for almost everyone. Whether it is trekking , boating, visiting new and exotic locations, or living in a remote town, everything we do helps us gain knowledge and experience things from around the world.
  • Travelling helps us understand ourselves better. It shows us our capabilities and tells us that not everyone can do everything. It also helps us understand where we are happy and what we enjoy doing.
  • To learn a new language. Personally , I really want to learn Spanish and going to Spain ,I learnt so much more about the language and how similar it is to english. You could also take classes to learn a language, but unless you are in an area where that it is commonly spoken, it would be hard to completely grasp the language.
  • To experience new cultures. Travelling shows us how different people are from around the world. They dress differently,have different religionsand beliefs different beliefs, etc. Basically, travelling shows us how people around the world live.
  • To have fun. Sometimes, people get to got up in their work or are to stressed out and travelling helps us let loose, go for parties, and not think about anyone but yourself. You could also travel because you enjoy going to a certain kind of place, like a beach or a forest.
  • To eat new food. This is one of the core reasons that I travel, I love eating. I have tried so many cuisines in my hometown but the food just tastes so much better at the place where it was first made. Mexican food is the best in Mexico, Thai food is the best in Thailand , and Japanese food is the best in Japan.