"the world is a book and those who don't travel only read one page"- anonyomous

How to not get bored on a long flight


According to me , this is the only downside of travelling the super long flights. I have recently come up with a few ideas on how to not get too bored.

  • Watch movies on the small tv given but not more than 2 maximum because you tend to become a little bored after that. Atleast I do.
  • Carry a book. I always read on flights , no matter what. I love reading all sorts of bored so nowadays I never get on a flight without a book in my hand.
  • Not a fan of literature? That’s fine. The duty free store at the airport usually has a lot of magazines. Take your pic.
  • If it’s a night flight you should get plenty of time to sleep. Unless you are an insomniac.
  • Incase you are a fan of artwork you could carry along a small sketchbook and just doodle your heart away.
  • Listen to music of course. I have never survived a flight journey without Katy Perry right by my side.
  • If you are a fan of crossword and sudoku , carry a few puzzles to do during the long journey.
  • If you are travelling with a friend and you both enjoy paying cards, carry a deck along and play.
  • And last but not least, carry along snacks or buy them during the flight itself.

Cool method of packing

This technique works so well especially because you don’t have to search for your clothes in a suitcase but you can just pick out any bundle for the suitcase. Another thing that is really cool about this is that your clothes come out without any wrinkles.

Why do we travel?

Everyone keeps saying that travelling is so fun and how much they love travelling, but what no one says is , WHY DO WE TRAVEL?


  • Travelling opens up new experience for almost everyone. Whether it is trekking , boating, visiting new and exotic locations, or living in a remote town, everything we do helps us gain knowledge and experience things from around the world.
  • Travelling helps us understand ourselves better. It shows us our capabilities and tells us that not everyone can do everything. It also helps us understand where we are happy and what we enjoy doing.
  • To learn a new language. Personally , I really want to learn Spanish and going to Spain ,I learnt so much more about the language and how similar it is to english. You could also take classes to learn a language, but unless you are in an area where that it is commonly spoken, it would be hard to completely grasp the language.
  • To experience new cultures. Travelling shows us how different people are from around the world. They dress differently,have different religionsand beliefs different beliefs, etc. Basically, travelling shows us how people around the world live.
  • To have fun. Sometimes, people get to got up in their work or are to stressed out and travelling helps us let loose, go for parties, and not think about anyone but yourself. You could also travel because you enjoy going to a certain kind of place, like a beach or a forest.
  • To eat new food. This is one of the core reasons that I travel, I love eating. I have tried so many cuisines in my hometown but the food just tastes so much better at the place where it was first made. Mexican food is the best in Mexico, Thai food is the best in Thailand , and Japanese food is the best in Japan.

Archeological sites of Athens

The entire of Athens is basically just one big archeological site as the monuments have taken over the city.  There are a lot of monuments in Athens but I think that a couple of them stand out.


  1. Acropolis – It is one the most iconic structure of not only Greece but the entire world. It is placed on a rocky mountain and the views are brilliant for a couple of selfies with friends. It is an unmissable destination for anyone who travels to Greece.


2. Parthenon- Also known as the glorious temple of acropolis , it was built during the “golden age of pericles”. The temple was originally made to hold a statue of the greek goddess athena. Besides, how cool is it that no tourist has step foot in it since 1977?


3) Meteora – It looks like a scenic village which has been hoisted up into the sky. It is one of the largest Greek orthodox monasteries. The monastery’s location make tourists fell closer to god in a way.



4) Delphi – The powerful oracle of Delphi has been placed in the middle of a gorgeous temple which was constructed approximately 2,800 years ago! Delphi was considered to be the centre of the world, “Omphalos”.


5) Temple of Hephaestus – The construction of this temple was supported by the famous greek politician Pericles. It was built roughly 2 years before the parthenon. The temple was dedicated to Hephaestus who was the Greek god of volcanoes and metalworking and also the only Greek god who did manual labour.


6) Ancient theatre of Epidaurus – The theatre was praised for its elegance and symmetry and is used for drama performances. The theatre can seat about 14,000 people.The acoustic of the theatre are so good that even people sitting in the last row can hear the performers.

There are many other amazing archaeological sites but these were my favourite out of the ones that I visited.



The best beaches in Mykonos


  • Paradise beach- The craziest party beach in mykonos! The tropicana beach bar really makes this beach stand out. The party crowd comes before sunset and the MC is fabulous. Definitely rhe best place for a good party with a younger crowd.
  • Paraga beach – Paraga beach is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos. The paraga beach hostel also has a restaurant with delicious greek food. Also, if you go into the waters there are a few shallow rock which can make it look like you are walking on water
  • Super paradise beach- also known as the ‘gay beach’ , it has one of the liveliest beach bars in Mykonos starting from the late afternoon. There is also a small dock for people to jump into the water.

Top 2 places for sunset in Santorini

_DSC0540.JPG1) Oia – It isn’t one of the most famous places in Santorini for no reason. It has the most gorgeous place for a romantic sunset , delicious Greek food and incredible views. Not only that , if your a fan of water , there is an amazing spot for cliff jumping into the salty waters of Santorini.

2)Imerovigli – It may not be the most famous destination in the city but it is less crowded then oia and the sunsets are spectacular! You get a brillliant view of the volcanic feature, the Caldera.

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